Laboratory of Optimization, Design, and Advanced Control (LOPCA)

This Laboratory conducts developments and applications of Process System Engineering (PSE) concepts for the development of processes and products. It involves the development of models, procedures, and computer programs, as well as the collection of fundamental/experimental data required for process design, simulation, optimization, and control. Emphasis is placed on areas such as biofuels, bioenergy, biorefinery, biofabrication, biomaterials, purification, and ultra-purification of products using various types of separators, rapid prototyping, materials, miniaturization, and MENS (Micro, Nano, and Smart Systems), petroleum, and petrochemicals. These activities also involve the Institute of Biofabrication-BIOFABRIS, LOPCA/BIOEN, and LPETROPES (VALPET). In addition to processes, products are developed, including functional ones such as scaffolds and permanent bioproducts, bioreactors for biomaterials and organ production, equipment such as microreactors, molecular distillers and their variations, fermenters with alternative designs, and process intensification equipment.

Responsible Professor: Prof. Dr. Rubens Maciel Filho
Phone: (19) 3521-3958
Email: maciel@unicamp.br

Petroleum Valorization Laboratory (VALPET)

The Petroleum Valorization Laboratory (VALPET) was built with resources from PETROBRAS and currently serves various industrial sectors. This laboratory is considered one of the most complete and pioneering in the pilot-scale distillation of hydrocarbon fractions. It also boasts a large area filled with pilot plants for chemical processes in the petroleum, biofuels, and other fluid areas, as well as for the determination and characterization of fluid properties. It has a comprehensive chromatography laboratory for the analysis of SARA (saturates, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes) in petroleum, composition analysis of biofuels or petroleum gases, simulated distillation analysis to rapidly evaluate petroleum distillation curves, detailed analysis of hydrocarbons, and the ability to detect and quantify various compounds in different types of fuels to assess their quality.

In this laboratory, there is also the capability to evaluate particle size in a solution containing particulate matter and to analyze polymers (molecular weight) using gel permeation chromatography. In the physical-chemical analysis laboratories, there is the capacity to characterize various types of samples, ranging from biofuels, petroleum derivatives, crude oil, and materials of other natures. This includes evaluating water content, rheological studies of various materials, oxidation resistance, carbon residue content, total osmotic concentration of biological liquids, flash point, pour point, viscosity, and density. It also includes the analysis of multiple elements from carbon to uranium using X-ray, as well as the ability to perform specific analyses of petroleum residues to assess their quality, such as asphalt, for example.

Responsible Professor: Prof. Rubens Maciel Filho / Prof. Maria Regina W. Maciel
Emails: maciel@feq.unicamp.br / wolf@unicamp.br

Biofabris Laboratory - National Institute of Biofabrication

Laboratory of Optimization, Projects, and Advanced Control – Fermentation Division (LOPCA-REF-BIORREF)

The objective of this laboratory is to carry out research activities in the areas of petroleum processing and crude oil and derivatives distribution logistics, as well as to develop new products and processes for biorefineries. In the field of petroleum refining and logistics, computational and experimental studies have been conducted in the areas of separation operations with mass transfer, blending operations, and quality control of fuels. In the field of biorefining, processes have been developed to integrate different biomass processing units for the production of high-value-added products.

Responsible Professor: Prof. Dr. Leonardo Vasconcelos Fregolente
Phone: (19) 3521-3890
Email: leovf@unicamp.br

Biofabris Laboratory - National Institute of Biofabrication

The focus of the activities of INCT-BIOFABRIS is the integration of computational aspects, new processing techniques, and the development of biomaterials, bio-inspired engineering strategies (biomimicry), and the fundamental concepts of cellular biology and their applications in Tissue Engineering.

Responsible Professor: Prof. Dr. Rubens Maciel Filho
E-mail: rmaciel@unicamp.br
Phone: (19) 3521-3958
Webpage: biofabris.com.br

Laboratory of Separation Process Development (LDPS)

The activities of the Separation Process Development Laboratory encompass all stages of Separation Engineering, ranging from thermodynamic characterization of systems to the minimization of pollutant generation. Both experimental and theoretical activities are included.

Responsible Professor: Profa. Dra. Maria Regina Wolf Maciel
Phone: (19) 3521- 3957
Email: wolf@unicamp.br

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