E-Renova is a national leader

in Research, Development, and Innovation in Renewable Energies.




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About E-Renova

E-Renova is a center of expertise in renewable energies accredited as an Embrapii Unit (Brazilian Company for Industrial Research and Innovation) and based at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FEQ) of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp).

The studies carried out by E-Renova will focus on new processes and products in renewable energies, biofuel production, and biomass processing using agro-industrial residues, including those from sugarcane, corn, and forestry, generated by the pulp and paper industry, among others. The target market for these projects consists primarily of companies in the sugarcane-corn-energy, industrial biotechnology, forestry, oil and gas, and renewable products and energies sectors.

Our goal is to strengthen the existing university-industry partnerships with Unicamp and attract new partners, transforming FEQ into a national hub for technological development in biofuels. Embrapii Units are established based on specific capabilities of scientific and technological research institutions, both public and private nonprofit, with proven experience in developing innovation projects in partnership with companies in the industrial sector.

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